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Jackie’s Bridal Shower

Yesterday was my friend Jackie’s bridal shower, and I was a co-host, so of course I decided to take my camera along to get a few photos. Nothing crazy; I was there to celebrate, after all. But here are a few snaps of the spread, in case you’re curious. My mom painted the mason jars, […]

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Renata’s Milk Bath

I finally tried something today that I’ve been itching to do for some time. I’m in a few photography groups on Facebook, and recently I’ve been seeing a lot of milk bath sessions posted in a few of the groups, so I decided to try it out today with my 11 month old.

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Girls at Play

I broke out my camera at home the other day so I could test out some new presets. Full disclosure: my stepdaughter took the outdoor photos here. Photographer in the making? We’ll see! I might need to put her to work as an assistant when she comes back for summer breaks.

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Renata – 10 Months Old

I found an old photo of my brother a while back, and realized that my baby girl looked JUST like him as a baby. But not as chunky. So, I attempted to recreate the photo. 

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Gallery: Arboretum

Some random nature photos from my recent visit to the Arboretum with my brother and his girlfriend.

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One Year – Ronyn

Some of my favorite photos are of my daughter just playing. Just running/crawling around, doing her own thing. This is what photography is really about, for me: capturing real life, as it happens. With that, I give you: my 1 year old daughter, playing at home.

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