Jackie’s Bridal Shower

Yesterday was my friend Jackie’s bridal shower, and I was a co-host, so of course I decided to take my camera along to get a few photos. Nothing crazy; I was there to celebrate, after all. But here are a few snaps of the spread, in case you’re curious. My mom painted the mason jars, and I tied the ribbon and twine around them. Super simple, and super cheap.

The party was held at the matron-of-honor’s parents’ house, and her dad has a pretty cool party trick for champagne. It’s called sabrage; basically, you hit the glass at a certain spot, and since contents are under pressure, it breaks off and looks cool. Very celebratory and fun to watch, though just a bit wasteful.

So anyways, we had a good time, enjoyed some food and drinks, the bride-to-be opened gifts, we had a couple games and prizes, etc. And then we had cake! There was a standard sheet cake from Costco, which was delicious of course, and there was also a cheesecake. Yum!