Sims 4: 100 Baby Challenge

I finally jumped on the bandwagon with the Sims 100 Baby Challenge. I started my matriarch in Magnolia Promenade, and built up a nice little 3bd 2ba home for her to start in. I named my matriarch Brynn Godfrey, using the randomizer. For traits, I chose Active, Self-Assuredand Family-Oriented. I chose a Family aspiration.  And after giving her a computer, I had her write a bunch of books.

Her first child is Lana Godfrey, fathered by J Huntington III. She has an Outgoing trait, and her childhood aspiration is Rampunctious Scamp. As of this post, she is a B-student in school, maxed out on Responsibility, and doing well with Manners and Empathy.

Brynn’s second child is Jocelyn Godfrey, fathered by Sean Hamrick. She has an Angelic trait, and at the time of this writing is currently a toddler working on her skills.

Current child count: 2

Here’s a link to the rules of the challenge, if any of you want to join me!

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