Last weekend was Kolacky Days in Montgomery, MN, where my paternal grandparents were from. We go almost every year for the festival, mostly to see the few remaining family members who live there and to buy kolacky. This year, we missed out on all of the varieties that my husband requested (though we did get the only kind I ever want, which is the best kind: poppyseed), so my dad and I decided to make some of our own using a family recipe.

Now, there are tons of variations, and I’m sure everyone does it differently, so feel free to comment with any suggestions! But here’s the one in our recipe box.

(Pictured is our first attempt at making a maple bacon kolacky, which failed in a sense, but was still delicious.)

Sausage & Veggie Egg Bake

Last weekend was Easter, so I decided to try out a recipe I found online. It was a french toast maple sausage bake, and it tasted good, but I didn’t like how soggy it turned out. Probably my fault, but whatever. So since that was a failure (in my mind, anyways, as my husband loved it), I decided to go for the tried-and-true Egg Bake. And when it was all done, I decided to snap a pic, since I have an expensive camera now.

So I thought I should gloat share the awesomeness for those of you who haven’t tried this wonderful recipe.